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An Isomorphic first post

The DevOps team here at Spuul, a Bollywood video streaming site (think Netflix for Indian movies) are lately looking to:

  1. Have a blog where we can:
    • share our struggles and accomplishments 😳
    • report downtime 😭
    • engage with the community 🤗
  2. Try make our ReactJS website faster & SEO friendly by creating a static representation of the content

So as sysadmins, we are tired of the headaches with running Wordpress, so of course we wanted a statically built blog to host behind our CDN. Nowadays there are a great many static site generators to choose from, but when ReactJS based Gatsby came on the radar, we thought we could learn a lot from this project.

The Gatsby project is remarkable in the sense it provides a Javascript toolchain to turn “front end” ReactJS components and markdown content into a static blog.

There’s a morphism between the two rendering modes “front end” and "back end" statically served site. An isomorphic app behaves equivalently under that morphism.

So just by using Gatsby, we hope to level up and potentially kill two birds with one stone.

Posted 2016-08-12
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