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Zhone ONT constantly rebooting


We suffered from Internet connectivity issues for our employees from about 9AM to 4PM. Workaround was employees to work from home, use personal 4G hotspots or the neighbouring office’s Wifi.

The Zhone GPON modem was constantly rebooting. Slow flashing green status and then red alarm, and repeat. Sadly ViewQwest NOC were unhelpful over email (didn’t respond) and clueless over the phone. It was only when a field engineer walked on the premises and asked what the symptoms where, he correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem with a new PSU in seconds.

Faulty power supply caused several hours of poor Internet connectivity

Why the ViewQwest NOC not know of the remedy for the “constant rebooting” symptom, in order to save us time not to wait for the engineer to call is beyond us. Also ViewQwest seem to fail to monitor our line. If our line goes down they seem to have no idea our circuit is dead!

We are looking at alternatives, though ViewQwest sadly are better than experiences we have had with the other “big three” Singaporean telco’s customer service.

Posted 2016-08-18
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