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Updating the ECS AMI's agent

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The last blog post about downtime was basically due to an old buggy Agent 1.11.1 baked into the ECS AMI which was baked in the ecs-cli orchestration tool.

There are two ways to remedy the situation.

  1. Recommended: Edit your cluster’s Cloud Formation stack with the updated AMI by updating the EcsAmiId parameter, usually found by looking at ecs-cli commits like this one for 2016.09.d.
Editing the ECS AMI in CFN

Then scale up and down. This by default will spawn a new container instance with the updated AMI. Scaling down should kill the old one.

ecs-cli scale --size 4 --capability-iam
ecs-cli scale --size 2 --capability-iam

This will address issues like

  1. Update the agent manually from the console via a Update agent button on the console

Do it through the AWS Web console:

List your ECS instances Update the Agent Check the versions
Posted 2016-10-25
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