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Deleting an ECS cluster from the Web console GOTCHA

Not how to delete a cluster

Killing the cluster from the AWS ECS Web console, may not actually kill all the cluster’s resources. If you do it this way assuming it will, you may have a nasty surprise! To remedy the situation you need to:

  1. Delete the associated Cloudformation
  2. Delete the associated Launch configuration
  3. Delete the associated Autoscaling group
  4. Delete the associated Load balancers
  5. Terminate the associated instances and delete the associate security groups
  6. Delete the associated VPC and subnets etc

The better way to kill the cluster is something like: ecs-cli down --force, but that might well fail if you have use a load balancer.

Docker in production has a history of "gotchas". The AWS interface to containers has a few too. Lets hope we can document them so things can improve.

Posted 2016-11-08
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